Monthly Archives: April 2011

Show Don’t Tell

It’s something we, as writers, are constantly being told.  We have to show the reader our world, show them our characters and let them experience the story.  I’ve thought a lot about the old adage and have come up with a way I find useful to weed out my telling and replace it with showing.

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What’s the Use of a Writer’s Group?

Yesterday was the second meeting of the newly formed writer’s group I joined.  At the moment it’s just an intimate group of three, including me.  The first week I submitted the first chapter of my novel, The West Queen.  I’ve been working on it for the past year.  The first draft took about three months and since then I’ve been revising and writing another novel.  The chapter I handed in is the fifth or sixth revision and represents a complete rewrite and restructure of the book.  So yesterday the other two members of the group came back with their editorials.  What can I get out of that and what did I get?

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Traditional publishing vs Self Publishing

What’s more controversial in today’s writing communities?  Well, probably lots of things, but self publishing is gaining in popularity.  I’ll put forward my thoughts on the topic.  I’ll start by going over what traditional publishing is and what it does and then compare it to self publishing, plus as a bonus I’ll waffle on about my thoughts on the matter.

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What am I up to?

So I’ve started a writer’s blog, that is a blog about me as a writer.  I’ve used my “author” name, S John Hughes, because my real first name is too bizarre, too confronting and too frightening to print.  So as an author, unpublished as yet, what have I written?

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