What am I up to?

So I’ve started a writer’s blog, that is a blog about me as a writer.  I’ve used my “author” name, S John Hughes, because my real first name is too bizarre, too confronting and too frightening to print.  So as an author, unpublished as yet, what have I written?


I wrote a novel, well two novels, but only one that I’m seriously working to get published.  The working title is The West Queen and, as you may be able to tell from the title, it is a fantasy.  As is common to all good fantasy, it is book one of a trilogy which will then become a twelve volume master piece to be finished posthumously.  Just kidding.  I’ll be writing book two in a couple of months and book three shortly after that.

The other novel I’ve written is titled Chaos Flux and is what might be termed an urban fantasy.  I use the term to indicate a fantastic modern day setting with magical elements, but not vampire teenagers falling tragically in love with socially crippled girl teenagers.  Being a mature man I have written about a mature woman, of course, who can do magic stuff and discovers a world full of other magic stuff.  Don’t worry, I’ll elaborate in a later post.

I’ve got a third book brewing.  Its working title is The Bloody Hands of Complacency.  It is a historic fantasy, or maybe alternate history science fiction?  Not sure exactly how to categorise it.  In essence, it is about a revolution in a dystopian present day.  I don’t know how much science fiction I’m going to use (eg: fabbo technology and/or alien interaction) nor if there will be any fantastic elements such as psychic powers or magic.  At the moment its just an idea that I’m sketching out, kind of a commentary on the modern day fear culture and reactionary government policies.  We’ll see where it goes.

Writer’s Group

I’ve also just joined a new formed writer’s group.  There are four of us and we are yet to meet.  The idea is to make friends with other writers, get and give feedback and practice writing.  I’m not sure how it will go.  The group chair person is initially going for a sort of workshop type approach, where we actively engage in the “craft” of writing.  That may or may not be interesting and it may or may not be where the group goes.  I mainly want to meet other writers, get some critiques of my work and to learn by critiquing other’s stuff too.  The first meeting is on Sunday, so I’ll see how it goes and maybe write something here about it.


The future of this blog is supposed to be me discussing tricks of the trade that I’ve read / been told of and how they apply to my work in a real world sort of way.  A kind of theory meets practice.  For example, I got some feedback that my novel didn’t start very well, it was a bit slow and didn’t engage well.  So what does that mean?  I’ll go into it later and also point out what I’ve tried to do to fix it.


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