Monthly Archives: June 2011

The Red Door – short story

I used to think my being was hollow and empty.  I used to mope about in dark places full of the irredeemable sadness of the blackened soul.  I used to be a whiney little bitch.  How has that changed?  In one short night, that lasted the entirety of my life, my eyes were opened to the true tragedy; I wasted what time I had.

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Critical vs Recreational Reading

When we buy a book we sit down to enjoy a story, to get involved in some character’s lives and to have some fun.  It is quite a different situation to when we are reading someone else’s writing to provide critical feedback.  So what sort of things should we do when reading critically and what sort of feedback should we give?

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All in a Day’s Work – Short Story

I’ve been researching and outlining a “super hero” novel for a little while now.  I spoke about the main character, the one who becomes a super hero, in a previous post.  Today I’ll share with you a little short story, just 1,200 words, that was a little exploration of mine regarding a normal person getting super powers.  It lead me on to come up with some “rules” about what a super hero character is and where they come from.  So here it is:

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Horror and Romance

The two hardest stories to do well, in my opinion, are horror and romance.  This is because is both genres it is necessary to evoke strong feeling of a very particular kind.  I don’t write romance, because it doesn’t interest me (sorry to my wife) but I do like horror.  I’ve watched a lot of horror and read plenty too.  Here is my set of guidelines for horror.

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