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Books as a Service (BaaS)

Traditionally, books have been physical, tangible objects. This has given them a certain scarcity based on the size of the print run and their popularity. It is the reason first editions of famous and popular books are expensive. But not so much any more. Welcome to the 21st century. Novels, short stories and reference works are now available in electronic format. Since it is trivial to reproduce an e-book as often as you’d like with absolute precision, is there any value derived from scarcity? No. So what can be done?

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Head Hopping

Generally, stories are told through the eyes of a character.  This character is known as the point of view character (POVC) and it is through their reactions, thoughts and feelings the reader learns about the story.  This is true in first person (written like a diary eg: The Soldier Son trilogy by Robin Hobb) and third person points of view, the most common for story telling.  But sometimes the story is larger than one character so the POVC changes to show something from another perspective.  As in all things, there are guidelines you should use when doing this.

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I claim to be writing three books; The West Queen, Danica Straughn: Chaos Flux and Unnamed Project. I thought I’d give a little progress update, because there is always progress.

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here are as many ways of writing the same thing as there are people to try. But what makes one piece of writing more compelling than another? Why is it that the same story told by one person can be captivating yet told by another it can be boring? There are, of course, many different ingredients, but one that is very important is known as tension. So what is it and how do I add it to my story?

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Busy Busy Busy

With a great flash and a swoop of mighty wings I have been swept away by an angel of work and haven’t completed my post for today.  It has been delayed until tomorrow.  Ack.