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Implications of Super powers

I’ve watched and read a number of stories about super powered people and I’m often left feeling unsatisfied. I think one reason is because the super powers are too often described in non-mystical terms and yet don’t have the implications of the super power. That is to say the author / screen writer has attempted to root the power in some kind of reality and yet has ignored what the super power really means. If it is purely a mystical power, one derived and governed by magic, things can be different. Let me explain.

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Sequel Starts

I’ve finished The West Queen, or at least stopped writing any more on it for now, and started on book two. Typically you are told to start your story as late as possible and as close to action as possible. But does that hold for book two or three?

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Danica Straughn

Danica is a character I created for the novel Chaos Flux (on hiatus until The West Queen, The Returned Prince and The Fallen King are finished). She grew out of a series of questions and as a solution to a couple of problems that arose from The West Queen. I found I enjoyed writing the female characters in The West Queen so I decided I’d have a go at another one. She has a troubled past and continues to drink too much and occasionally indulge in whatever comes in pill form. She realises just how troubled her past was when she goes into a psychiatric hospital to gain a patient’s eye view on insanity and finds her old therapist as her first interviewee.  The following has not undergone extensive revision.

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Karma Bites – Short Story

Hi, I’m back from my holidays and ready to write pointless drivel once more in the vain hope I help someone or at least don’t induce convulsions.  I’m posting a short story I wrote for my writing group today.  I hope you like it.  If you don’t…. oh well.

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