It’s been a few months since I last prattled on about my progress. It’s all well and good for me to sit around saying how much of a writer I am but if I’m not writing then I’m actually just a reader. So I finished revising The West Queen and sent it out for beta readers to have a look at. They’ve come back with some useful critiques and pointed out some good changes I could make. But I’m moving on.

The Fallen Prince

Book two of the Kingdom of Urnst Trilogy is called The Fallen Prince (so far) and picks up about a week after the end of The West Queen. I’m pushing forward with the trilogy despite having revisions to do to book one. My reasoning is that once I finish the whole story I’ll be able to go over book one and incorporate the changes raised by the beta readers while adding additional direction from knowing the full story. I love foreshadowing and I love when I read a book in a series and something makes me go back through previous books to see where the author cunningly foreshadowed. I also love building expectation that a certain event will happen only to change it around. There are idioms, tropes and clichés that lead a reader to expect certain outcomes. These same things can allow an author to play with expectation. Suffice to say that once I finish the series (later this year with any luck) I’ll be able to go back and make sure the reader can’t really know how things will turn out.

The Returned King

Book three is called The Returned King and will be a finale to the series. I can see how The Wheel Of Time and A Song of Ice and Fire can just keep going. My story is broken into several points of view and each character gets their own path and their own outcome. The more points of view you add to a story the longer the story can go. But I’m determined not to draw things out over fifteen books. There may be sequel series after this initial trilogy, maybe spin offs or prequels but the main story arc will be complete by the end of book three.

Angel Bones

Angels Bones is an alternate history, near future urban fantasy / super hero story. I haven’t done any more writing on it yet, but I have been taking notes and doing a stack of thinking on it. It is about one third written, though it will be book one in an ongoing series. You know the kind where each book is a story in itself but also fits into a larger story? I’m quite keen to see how it goes. In many ways it is a lot easier to write in the “real” world as you can just go look at Google Maps to see your map and you don’t have to invent nearly as much. The tricky bit is making the fantasy elements fit in without being silly.


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