My First Queries Are Away

After spending the last couple of years working on raising children and landscaping my garden I have returned to my writing projects.  After reading through The West Queen one more time I found it was in better shape than I thought.  I attribute this to having forgotten much of the finer detail and becoming less familiar.  It is so hard to see what you’ve written when you’ve been staring at it for weeks on end.
So, following my cousin’s advice, I have sent off my first two query letters.  I did a search for fantasy agents on Writer’s Digest and found two profiles that were added recently and after reading up on the agents I sent off my queries.  One agent has just started their own agency and specialises in fantasy and the other represents fantasy but specialises in international authors.  Since I’m an Australian author who writes fantasy I think I fit the bill for both agents.  Two queries is not a lot, but I wanted to dip my toe in the water before diving in.  I’ll see what it is like getting rejected by agents (though secretly I believe my work of such excellent quality they will fight to get me) and I’ll see how I handle it.

I’ll write back here with my results and my analysis of the process.  With any luck the agents read here and check out some of my short stories.  That hope is naturally based on the optimistic belief that my short stories will sell me better.  I don’t really know.  The only real feedback I’ve had has been from family members and I suspect they are biased.


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