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How to Formulate Ideas

Every weekday morning I walk the dog along the beach for half an hour.  It is a wonderful time of reflection and day dreaming.  This is usually the time I work out my ideas.  Sometimes I’m thinking of blog posts, sometimes I’m working through a problem at work but mostly I’m thinking of things to write.  But I have to ask myself: “Do I have a method and process for generating ideas?”  The answer is yes.  I get the answer quickly too, because I’m talking to myself.  Nice.

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The Free Time Falacy

I’ve often heard people, and I’m one of them, say they would do such and such if they had more free time. I’ve also heard thought devoking (the opposite of invoking) advertisements on television ask the question: “Would you like more free time?” or similar. The main reason I bring it up is because I sat next to a woman on the train who saw me typing away, working on The West Queen and she said she would like to write a book, if she had the free time. So? So what?

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Busy Busy Busy

With a great flash and a swoop of mighty wings I have been swept away by an angel of work and haven’t completed my post for today.  It has been delayed until tomorrow.  Ack.