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Tough Work

Well it has been tough finding time to write this past month.  A new baby and more work on my plate than I can code my way out of has put a dint in my progress.  But I’m now ready to start proofing my query letter for The West Queen.  I’m initially going to send it out to my online writing group and see what feedback I get.  The group includes a couple of authors who have managed to snag an agent and at least one who has books in print.  I’m hoping I can get my letter ready over the next couple of weeks and then send it out.

I’m still not entirely sure The West Queen is ready to go.  I think it may need more words in it and more proof reading.  I also think I may be over analysing it.  I’m not sure how to determine which is true so I’m going to just read it out loud to my wife then start querying agents.  With any luck the first couple of agents (ok, maybe 10) will provide some feedback.  Not necessarily personalised feedback, but you never know.  I may get a hint about book length, genre or similar.  I may get a personalised rejection or a request for partial.  That would be awesome because it would mean better feedback.  At the moment I’m kind of swinging in the dark without professional response to provide direction.

After I proof the query letter a couple of times I may post it up here so others can see what I’ve come up with and maybe someone will point out something that will help me.


Karma Bites – Short Story

Hi, I’m back from my holidays and ready to write pointless drivel once more in the vain hope I help someone or at least don’t induce convulsions.  I’m posting a short story I wrote for my writing group today.  I hope you like it.  If you don’t…. oh well.

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The Red Door – short story

I used to think my being was hollow and empty.  I used to mope about in dark places full of the irredeemable sadness of the blackened soul.  I used to be a whiney little bitch.  How has that changed?  In one short night, that lasted the entirety of my life, my eyes were opened to the true tragedy; I wasted what time I had.

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Critical vs Recreational Reading

When we buy a book we sit down to enjoy a story, to get involved in some character’s lives and to have some fun.  It is quite a different situation to when we are reading someone else’s writing to provide critical feedback.  So what sort of things should we do when reading critically and what sort of feedback should we give?

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Horror and Romance

The two hardest stories to do well, in my opinion, are horror and romance.  This is because is both genres it is necessary to evoke strong feeling of a very particular kind.  I don’t write romance, because it doesn’t interest me (sorry to my wife) but I do like horror.  I’ve watched a lot of horror and read plenty too.  Here is my set of guidelines for horror.

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What is 2111? and My 9 Short Story Guidlines

As a means of focusing our efforts and stimulating creativity, the writing group I’m in decided to start nominating a theme to write to for each meeting.  What we wrote, whether poem, prose, lyrics or stream of consciousness, was up to us.  The point of the exercise is to flex the creativity muscle in our brain.  This week’s theme was the number 2111.  But how did I go about coming up with something to write given just a number?

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What’s the Use of a Writer’s Group?

Yesterday was the second meeting of the newly formed writer’s group I joined.  At the moment it’s just an intimate group of three, including me.  The first week I submitted the first chapter of my novel, The West Queen.  I’ve been working on it for the past year.  The first draft took about three months and since then I’ve been revising and writing another novel.  The chapter I handed in is the fifth or sixth revision and represents a complete rewrite and restructure of the book.  So yesterday the other two members of the group came back with their editorials.  What can I get out of that and what did I get?

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