The West Queen (working title)


The power of the Church of Ur has eclipsed the throne, the nobles of the kingdom are unhappy and evil creatures stir in the forest.  Princess Candia West always believed her brothers and father would be the ones to deal with such problems but now it was up to her to regain her family’s crown.  As she comes to grips with the dire situation, a deeper plot threatens to destroy everything she is fighting for.


First draft complete at about 100,000 words. The manuscript has gone out to beta readers and I’m digesting the result.  Book 2 is underway and when both book 2 and book 3 are complete as drafts I will return and polish The West Queen.  My synopsis is in a state of flux, so check back from time to time to see it change.  It is really hard to write a blurb about your story that gives an idea of what it is about without revealing the plot points that need the context of the story to have full effect ie: spoilers.

Danica Straughn: Chaos Flux (working title)


Danica Straughn’s plan to write a book and work through her inner demons is thrown into chaos when she witnesses an apparent suicide while on her way home.  A strange, personal connection, with the case drags her into a strange double world where even seeing isn’t necessarily believing.  Her first interview for her book becomes a trip down memory lane and awakens within her a power that she’ll need if she is to survive and protect her friends.


First draft 75% complete at about 70,000 words.  The book is on hiatus while I finish revising The West Queen.  Having written this one after The West Queen, I found the process a lot easier as my skills had caught up with my ambition.  There is still a lot to do, like completing it and reviewing it, but it is in a more cohesive state than The West Queen was on first draft.

Angel Bones (working title, but I like it)


A young misfit is beaten to death when he attempts to stop a fight.  Two days later, he wakes up in a body bag in the back of a truck, on a pile of other bodies in bags.  He discovers nothing is like it used to be and he is dragged into a war that has been raging for centuries between ‘angels’ and humanity.


Chapter 4 has been completed and chapter 5 is underway.  That equates to between 40 and 50 pages.  So it is coming along nicely.


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